Online Retreats

What is a Retreat?

A retreat is an opportunity to notice what is happening for us, and to get in touch with what it is we need and seek in the depths of our spirit.

Whilst many retreats are residential and involve spending time out from our normal setting, there is also real value in a 'retreat in daily life'.

Individually Guided Retreats

This form of retreat is based on regular meetings with a guide on a 'one to one' basis.

The guide listens to your experience and suggests prayer / reflection exercises to help you explore what invitation this moment in your life holds out to you.

How an individually guided retreat online works

Using Zoom or a similar online platform we would have an initial conversation to talk about where you are in life and practical arrangements for the retreat. I will then meet with you online on a weekly basis over a 6 week period. For more details and costs, contact me using the 'more' tab below.