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Meeting God in the Garden Choosing Life

Exploring four recurring movements within spiritual growth 


Tuesday May 14th, 10.30am to 3.30pm

At St. Andrew's Holborn, EC4A 3AF

Led by Christopher Chapman 

In the Bible spiritual growth is likened to the natural development processes of plants, and the part played by gardeners, whether human or divine. Meeting God in the Garden will explore four recurring movements of this growth:

  • Becoming rooted and grounded in God
  • Emerging into being in response to God's invitation
  • Struggling towards abundance through resistance
  • Bearing fruit and being willing to fall

Jesus, the teller of parables, invites us to hold the mystery of creation in mind and heart, like seed in the hand of a sower. ‘Look’, he says. ‘See what happens if you are grounded in God’s good soil. Behold the wonder of who you are and what you might become.’



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Prayer within  a busy life

Saturday June 1st, 11am to 4pm

at Mount St. Jesuit Centre, London W1K 3AH


Many of us find it difficult to fit times of prayer into daily life - especially when demands of care for others or work are great, or when the pattern of each day is different, lacking a regular structure.

This day will explore ways of weaving prayer in and out of daily activities so that even within the most taxing of days there are points of prayerful meeting, conversation and rest


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Making Room for God:

The Spiritual Path of John of the Cross


Saturday June 22nd, 10am to 4pm

at the Sisters of St Andrew,


99 Belmont Hill, SE13 5DY Lewisham


In his poetry and writings John of the Cross describes a journey through night, into the abundance of God’s love. Along the way we learn to move not by sight or feeling, but by allowing God to lead us. As in John’s own life, the path of our awakening may lie through the struggle and confusion of events we neither planned for nor wanted. And yet through this darkness, new light, life and freedom are dawning.

Contemplation is nothing but a hidden, peaceful, loving inflow of God.


If it is given room, it will inflame the spirit with love.


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