Retreats, days and courses

Here are brief details of events I am involved with in coming months. For more information please click on the links.

Choosing Life

A retreat for those seeking a new direction in their lives.

Monday 19th October to Friday 22nd October

at Penhurst Retreat Centre, near Battle, East Sussex

Led by Christopher Chapman


Choices face us within our relationships, work, and ministry. Sometimes we are aware of a specific choice that is ours to make; at other times what we recognise is the need for change, without seeing where this leads us. Sometimes events jolt us out of our former path and we don`t know how to respond.

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Catholic Spirituality Network Conference 2020


Come To The Waters


Putting out into the deep of God and the deep of human experience

 November 13th to November 15th 2020

Due to Covid 19 restrictions this conference will be held online


Pope Francis challenges the Church to dare a new form of holiness that redraws our relationship with the created world and one another. Rather than shape God to the pattern of how we live, Francis urges us to allow God to shape the pattern of our lives. In Come to the Waters we will explore how we open ourselves afresh to the flow of the Spirit. The waters of God are deep beyond measure, dangerous, yet creative, still, but always in movement. Drawing from the Bible, the words of Pope Francis, and poets and teachers within the Christian spiritual tradition, we will explore the risks, challenges and opportunities of expressing forms of holiness fit for our times.

Our speaker is Christopher Chapman, who has worked as a priest in parish ministry, as a spiritual director providing one-to-one support, as a mentor for those working in pastoral care, and as a retreat-giver.

Our liturgist, Julie McCann, is an associate of the Iona Community and former Iona Abbey musician. Julie has a particular love of drawing beautiful sounds out of people who thought singing was not for them!

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Send my Roots Rain

Monday 8th to Friday 12th March 2021

at the Society of Mary and Martha, Sheldon, Devon

Led by Christopher Chapman

Send my Roots Rain is for people in ministry and will explore ways of allowing the life-giving water of the Spirit to soak down to your roots. 

Our roots lie in our story, in our experience of calling, and above all in abiding in relationship with our life-giving God. With the demands of ministry and the uncertainties that hang over the future, our roots can become dry. In caring for others we can neglect to look after ourselves. Yet every minister is also a disciple, called to the intimacy of companionship with Christ and continued growth in the Spirit. Our spiritual, physical and emotional health matters to God, who calls each one by name.

The retreat aims to help participants discover practices and ways of prayer that will refresh and sustain their ministry and, at the same time, go with who they are and how life is.

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Walking humbly with God

Francis of Assisi on renewing our relationship with Creation and one another

Saturday April 17th 2021

at the Royal Foundation of St. Katherine, Limehouse, London

Led by Christopher Chapman


For Francis, reverence for the poor and marginalized, reverence for Creation, the way of dialogue and active peace rather than power and violence, all flow from one connected source – how God is: a God who is humble, relational, alongside and creative. 

Francis didn’t teach that theology in words – he lived it in an engaged life. 

In a time when the environment and the climate are in crisis, and those in power prefer to build walls rather than relationships, we need the witness of Francis of Assisi. Through input and a variety of prayer and reflection exercises we will explore how to walk humbly with God, the created world and one another. 

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Seeing in the Dark

Meeting God within struggle and uncertainty

Saturday June 26th 2021 at the House of Prayer, East Molesey, Surrey

Led by Christopher Chapman


Life is joyful, beautiful and a rich blessing, but also sometimes difficult, painful and mysterious.  This day will draw on imagery from the Christian spiritual tradition to explore the part struggle plays within our growth and our experience of God, with insights from the writings of John of the Cross, Julian of Norwich, George Herbert and Gerard Manley Hopkins.  With their help we learn to travel by night deeper into God.  We discover how Christ willingly falls into the depths of our difficulty.  We wrestle with God yet find ourselves held by love.  We learn to move in rhythm with the changing seasons of our lives.  We travel the trackless wastes between endings and beginnings and find hope along the way.

Starts at 10am and ends at 4pm.  Please bring a packed lunch.

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