06. March 2019
The attentiveness of silence and the generosity of love are recognitions of mystery. At some point ‘I’ stop and the other begins...creation begins...God begins. The ‘I’ must stop to allow the other to come near. And the other is always surprising, beyond the limits we might want to impose.
15. February 2019
Just as the flow of a small river changes with the seasons, our sense of God's immediate presence can rise or fall. Yet our lives carry the impression of the continuing stream of God's working.
31. January 2019
Listen to what God is loosening from a concrete hold. Pay attention to what is emerging from God’s Spirit in your spirit. Do not be afraid of that strange originality God draws you to become and share.
18. January 2019
The 25th January is the feast day of the conversion of St. Paul. The person whose courage helped to bring about Paul’s change of heart – Ananias – is largely overlooked. So I will tell his story here.
09. January 2019
Jesus did not say,’ I have come that you may be solemn’. These are his words to us: ‘I have said all these things that my joy may be in you and your joy be complete’. [John 15.11]
30. December 2018
In the Catholic Church January 1st is the feast of Mary, the mother of God. The exalted title can hide the very human reality. Here was a life lived in the shadows of uncertainty, loss and mystery
15. December 2018
Silence – and the truth it holds – is kind, for here we encounter the kindness of God: a loving gaze, a hand that takes ours when we are afraid, a truthful mirror reflecting back to us who we really are.
04. December 2018
The physical rhythm of walking can help still the mind, making us open to what is around us and to God. Here are some ideas about making our regular walks times of prayer
26. November 2018
From a Christian perspective hope is about cooperation and relationship. God chooses to be with us in how things are – even when to our eyes, reality is messy and difficult.
07. November 2018
We communicate not only with words but with our hands. The natural movement of our hands can express the deepest longings of our heart. Today, let your hands lead you into prayer.

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