15. December 2018
Silence – and the truth it holds – is kind, for here we encounter the kindness of God: a loving gaze, a hand that takes ours when we are afraid, a truthful mirror reflecting back to us who we really are.
04. December 2018
The physical rhythm of walking can help still the mind, making us open to what is around us and to God. Here are some ideas about making our regular walks times of prayer
26. November 2018
From a Christian perspective hope is about cooperation and relationship. God chooses to be with us in how things are – even when to our eyes, reality is messy and difficult.
07. November 2018
We communicate not only with words but with our hands. The natural movement of our hands can express the deepest longings of our heart. Today, let your hands lead you into prayer.
30. October 2018
There comes a time to wake from sleep and consciously think about where we are going. If I carry on this way will I come to a place I really want to get to, or am I simply going with the draw of the familiar?
12. October 2018
Prayer can be simple. We can find its rhythm is the midst of ordinary things. Here are prompts for seven days of prayer.
03. October 2018
Words are curious things. Take nowhere for example. Nowhere is an expression of absence, emptiness or loss. Yet look more closely at the word - break it open - and nowhere becomes now here. This moment, this place is filled with presence; now and here is an event taking place awaiting an audience.
17. September 2018
I wonder if we have got ‘generosity’ all wrong. We tend to see it as a one way movement of giving: a gradual emptying of the bank. But in the natural world generosity is always two-way: a flow not just of giving but of receiving.
03. September 2018
In Genesis we hear how Jacob wrestled with God. It was night, and the struggle took place at a river: a crossing point between one stage of life and another. What might emerge from our own struggles with God?
24. August 2018
It is important not to run from your name. It is your name after all. There can be no alternative. And it is a good name. In the Creation story in Genesis, God forms living thing, then names each as a unique being and gazes at what is made and sees that it is good. Forming, looking and naming are one, undivided movement of creation.

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