16. September 2020
‘Thank you’ is the most wonderful of prayers. It places us in relationship. It reminds us that we live in a universe of gift rather than a workplace of oppression.
06. July 2020
How do we address the large issues facing our time: Black Lives Matter, climate change, the persistence of poverty and inequality? Dialogue enables us to listen with openness and humility, and moves us to respond.
02. May 2020
How do we measure the significance of a life? The death of a close friend moves me to recognise how our relationships shape who we are and what we become.
05. April 2020
We can begin to find stability within the uncertainty of these Coronavirus days if we dare to stay with what they bring to us.
26. March 2020
How do we meet the challenges of Coronavirus, holding together the struggles we experience and the potential of this time?
16. August 2019
I heard the singer before I saw him: a deep natural voice and a lilting folk song. He was free and was singing of it: without agenda, anxiety or ambition; alone on a bicycle and together with the universe around him.
02. August 2019
‘But’ takes us out of the gift of the moment, by summoning the ghosts of the past and anticipating the burdens of the future.
13. June 2019
Clearings do as they say if we accept their invitation to sit and be. What is tangled, busy, anxious and self-preoccupied can be released into the space they offer. God begins to unravel us if only we allow the room.
21. April 2019
Easter breaks at the unexpected moment for unexpected people...often when they are lost, burdened or alone.
05. April 2019
Could God be like this: so generous, patient and persistent? Is that other God of demand and fear a projection of all that is wounded and wounding in humankind? What might happen if we dared – in spite of our fears – to act as if it were so?

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