16. August 2019
I heard the singer before I saw him: a deep natural voice and a lilting folk song. He was free and was singing of it: without agenda, anxiety or ambition; alone on a bicycle and together with the universe around him.
02. August 2019
‘But’ takes us out of the gift of the moment, by summoning the ghosts of the past and anticipating the burdens of the future.
13. June 2019
Clearings do as they say if we accept their invitation to sit and be. What is tangled, busy, anxious and self-preoccupied can be released into the space they offer. God begins to unravel us if only we allow the room.
21. April 2019
Easter breaks at the unexpected moment for unexpected people...often when they are lost, burdened or alone.
05. April 2019
Could God be like this: so generous, patient and persistent? Is that other God of demand and fear a projection of all that is wounded and wounding in humankind? What might happen if we dared – in spite of our fears – to act as if it were so?
22. March 2019
Luke's Gospel introduces us to Martha, who welcomes the traveller, Jesus, into her home. She provides him not just with food, but a place to rest and to be among friends. Others see Jesus as the preacher and healer – someone who will give them what they need. Martha sees the human being who is hungry and tired; she asks nothing of him. Martha is a spiritual woman, attentive to what is going on in the moment, and able to look beyond her own needs to make room for the unexpected guest.
06. March 2019
The attentiveness of silence and the generosity of love are recognitions of mystery. At some point ‘I’ stop and the other begins...creation begins...God begins. The ‘I’ must stop to allow the other to come near. And the other is always surprising, beyond the limits we might want to impose.
15. February 2019
Just as the flow of a small river changes with the seasons, our sense of God's immediate presence can rise or fall. Yet our lives carry the impression of the continuing stream of God's working.
31. January 2019
Listen to what God is loosening from a concrete hold. Pay attention to what is emerging from God’s Spirit in your spirit. Do not be afraid of that strange originality God draws you to become and share.
18. January 2019
The 25th January is the feast day of the conversion of St. Paul. The person whose courage helped to bring about Paul’s change of heart – Ananias – is largely overlooked. So I will tell his story here.

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