Change and Life Choices



Choices face us within our relationships, work, and ministry. Sometimes we are aware of a specific choice that is ours to make; at other times what we recognise is the need for change, without seeing where this leads us. Sometimes events jolt us out of our former path and we don’t know how to respond.


Coming to terms with a change imposed upon us, or discerning what change we need in our lives takes time. It is usually a gradual process. Often it helps to have someone outside our immediate circle to help explore the choices that lie before us.


Personal change

Here are some ways I can offer support

  • Ongoing spiritual direction [face to face or online]. More information here
  • An online individually guided retreat. More information here
  • Through a group process with a series of regular sessions
  • Through a day or weekend event to explore the significance of change and share some tools for discernment when making life choices

Organisational change

Groups and organisations also face new pressures, opportunities and questions: What is our vision? How do we adapt to new circumstances? How do we include people? What is our strategy? An outside facilitator can help to explore these questions and build a sense of common purpose.


If you would like to talk through any of these options please get in touch with me