Change and Life Choices


 Some changes are changes we choose.

We decide to stop doing something or to start something new.

Some changes choose us.

Events or other people impose them on us and we have to adjust.

Sometimes we are aware of the need for change without fully knowing what it is we should do.

Coming to terms with a change imposed upon us, or discerning what change we need in our lives, takes time - more often months rather than weeks. It is usually a gradual process. Often it helps to have someone outside our immediate circle to help explore what the impact of change is and what choices lie open before us.


Personal change

For many years I have been alongside people going through a time of change:

  • On a one to one basis over a period of time
  • Through a group process with a series of regular sessions
  • Through a day or weekend event to explore the significance of change and share some tools for discernment when making life choices

Organisational change

I have also been alongside groups and organisations working through an experience of change.


If you would like to talk through any of these options please get in touch with me