Movement and stillness

Winter gives way to spring.

Spend some time today taking in the sights, sounds and essence of this season,

As we look out on a garden, a park or a tree-lined street we are aware that we capture it in a still moment, as if in a photograph.

And yet everything is in movement: the season journeys on, and what we see today will take a different form tomorrow.

As we come before God in prayer we do so within a still moment. And yet around and within us everything is moving: events are unfolding; our thoughts and feelings turning this way and that way.

And what of God? God is still, and still moving.


 Winter gives way to spring.

The sun rises higher in the sky.

Buds on bare branches ready to unfurl, hinting at greenness

A daffodil, hidden yesterday, breaks into flower

Stars rise and fall as night moves on towards day

Creation is still, and still moving


Changing seasons of the earth and of the heart.

Times of sorrow and times of joy.

Moments of clarity and moments of confusion.

Times to begin again and times to let go.

Changing seasons of the earth and of the heart.


As we contemplate the changing seasons

of the earth and of our lives,

we also touch what is still.

God is ever creative in our lives

always alongside, always making new.

God’s stillness is not that of the stone

but of the ever-flowing stream,

loving into being all that it touches

working its way into every furrow of our experience.

Still, and still moving.


What stillness is asked of us?

To continually seek God, whatever the season.

To go on co-operating with the work of Love in our lives

Then our stillness becomes the movement of the Spirit;


a channel for the river of life.

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